Monday, June 26, 2006



We seem to be doing the right thing... At least so they say over at LiFT,,,

'What's so great about this next generation of performance', he says, 'is that it is so participatory and so engaged with eliminating those old definitions. And it's moving us all into a more interesting situation where every one of us is a citizen'. For theatre, says Sellars, read democracy. 'Democracy is a participatory activity. It's not a spectator activity. The media has conspired to create a spectator state, and that's really unhealthy. So if we can create a stronger sense of participation and a greater diversity of voices, that's democratically engaging'.

Our goal, says Sellars, must be to use those voices, that participation, to explore 'how we want to live and what kinds of priorities we want to see in our community. Because theatre can serve as a hypothetical test case for what might happen, for what you want to try out and see how far you can take'. Does he see such explorations as his artistic responsibility? 'The shows I make', he says, 'are because of what I feel as a citizen, not what I feel as an artist'.

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'This is the chief challenge of everyone running an artistic operation today,' says Klaic. 'Whether you run a festival or a company, a debating club or the ICA, it's the same challenge to explore how the local can reinforce understanding and appreciation of work that comes from far away and vice versa.

To Klaic, the buzz-phrase is 'intercultural competence': the capacity for mutual understanding between individuals and organisations from different cultures. He calls for 'more awareness on the part of those who run cultural organisations that their core business is the enhancement of intercultural competence. You need intercultural competence in most cities in Europe. You need it in all multicultural environments. You need it in London, in your everyday life. You need it if you try to be a European.'

ROBOTS : : International Theatre Artists

ps.... i know who started the riot


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